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      A distinguished partner in Philippine progress and economic development, the Philippine National Construction Corporation is proudly known for its landmark projects, its expertise, and its vision.Established in 1966, PNCC has been a reliable and international associate in the construction of roadway and industrial infrastructure projects.

      Notable architectural structures and thoroughfares scattered all over the land are evidences of the public's confidence bestowed on PNCC's competence and distinctionin a wide range of construction and engineering activities.

      The advancement brought about by the construction of the historical San Juanico Bridge and the first Light Rail Transit System is an affirmation of the construction company's capability to introduce new construction technology in the country.

     PNCC was responsible for the construction of an efficient tollway network in Luzon which has brought about the benefits of urbanization to nearby towns and provinces and has provided safe, fast and convenient tollway travel.
     The North and Souh Luzon Tollways, the government's first visionary undertaking and inceptive of the Build-Operate-Transfer scheme, inspired the beginning of PNCC's rise and distinction of building and managing the two most important arteries of Manila and its vital links to neighboring provinces.     

     Lately, the introduction of the first ever elevated highway in the country, the Metro Manila Skyway, is again another illustration of the company's inventiveness in the name of transportation and public service.

PNCC is also known for the extraordinary task it had undertaken in the land reclamation and soil stabilization of the 3,000 hectare foreshore area along the Manila Bay known as the Manila-Cavite Road and Reclamation Project (MCCRRP).    

   PNCC's ingenuity and engineering capability have spread far and wide not only within the local confines but also in the international arena.  PNCC's reputation in excellence expanded to other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Hongkong, Malaysia and Indonesia, thus, earning the reputation of being the biggest construction firm in Southeast Asia.

  Today, PNCC still continues to render its commitment to excellence and dedication to public service as a joint venture partner in the development of tollway extensions to link the South Luzon and North Luzon.



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Please be informed that in connection with the annual stockholders' meeting on the 4th Tuesday of March of every year, or 28 March 2023this year, as provided for in the By-Laws, the PNCC Board of Directors in its regular meeting on 8 March 2023 resolved to reset the same to 24 October 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

The reasons for the postponement are [1] the unavailability of some important / necessary documents by the 4th Tuesday of March (28 March 2023), [2] the lack of material time to prepare for the said annual stockholders' meeting, and [3] the administrative difficulties that go with the preparation of the annual stockholders' meeting.

The agenda of the meeting shall be announced later.