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       The Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC), consistent with the provisions of the 1987 Constitution and other pertinent laws, is committed to:  


• Conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner


• Protecting the environment and safety of the people


• Supporting human rights and


• Engaging, learning from, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures within its work place/location.

     In line with our Code of Business and Ethics, PNCC shall ensure that all matters of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are considered, supported and reinforced in its operations and administrative matters in pursuit of the best interest of PNCC’s stakeholders. PNCC’s Board of Directors and Management likewise ensure that appropriate organizational structures are in place to effectively identify, monitor, and manage CSR issues and activities relevant to its business.
       This Policy shall apply to the company and its subsidiaries. It may also refer to contractors, suppliers, partners and affiliates.  

       This Policy is built on the following areas that reflect existing and emerging standards of CSR:



      PNCC is committed to respecting and obeying the Constitution and complying faithfully and timely with all provisions, rules and regulations, and corporate governance standards, and to act within the bounds of PNCC’s Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.

       Business Ethics and Transparency  
     PNCC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in the governance systems.
       PNCC is committed to observe the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency on all its corporate affairs.  
       PNCC will advise its contractors, suppliers, partners and affiliates of this CSR Policy and will work with them to achieve consistency with this Policy.  
       Safety, Health and Environment    
     PNCC is committed to safeguarding the safety and health of its employees, contractors and the general public and to preserve the environment in undertaking its operations and activities. The underlying principles are detailed in the Safety, Health and Environment Code of PNCC.

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      All employees are responsible and accountable for contributing to a safe working environment, fostering safe working attitudes, and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.
       Stakeholder Relations    
       PNCC is committed to timely and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, regulators, and employees.    
  Employee Relations    
     PNCC is committed to providing just and lawful conditions of employment guided by the principles that promote harmonious and productive industrial relations. PNCC has developed two codes, the "PNCC Codes of Conduct" and the "PNCC Code of Employee Discipline (CCED)". It contains the preambular portion or the "Declaration of Principles" which details out the requirements for the successful implementation of the said Codes.
     Human Rights
     PNCC recognizes that government have the primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights. PNCC is committed to working with government and various agencies to support and respect human right within our auspices.
     PNCC will not tolerate human rights abuses, and will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages the commission of human rights abuses.
     Customer Satisfaction
     PNCC is committed to providing products and services to customers with integrity and honesty which give fair value and consistent quality, reliability and safety in return for the price paid for the same.
     PNCC is committed to provide employment and economic opportunities in the community where it operates.
     The company will contribute to the community by supporting related and relevant programs in health, education, social services and environment, as well as cultural and civic projects.
The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of PNCC was approved by PNCC Board on 10 April 2019 (BD-35-2019) 
         The following are the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the Philippine National Construction Corporation:    

Earth Hour
     Every March since 2007, we join Earth Hour, a worldwide campaign against global warming and climate change.  Our involvement expresses PNCC's support to help shape a more sustainable future.
     During Earth Hour, the security guards on duty turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.
     Occasionally, in years when Holy Saturday falls on the last Saturday of March, Earth Hour is moved a week early rather than its traditional date. Earth Hour 2018 was on March 24, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Earth Hour 2019 is scheduled for March 30, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
    Shake Drill      
      On July 30, 2015 at exactly 10:30 a.m., PNCC employees joined the Metro Manila Shake Drill together with other establishments and local governments carried out one of the biggest earthquake drills ever held in the country's capital region. 
     The exercises centered on the "duck, cover and hold" technique people have to take when the quake is going on and the responses of government and private groups to several life-threatening aftermath scenarios, which include fire, collapsed buildings, fallen electric and community posts destroyed and broken bridges.

Fire Prevention Drill

      The observance of Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines began in 1967, under Proclamation No. 115-A, which was issued by then President Ferdinand E. MArcos on November 17, 1966.  March was chosen as the month for this as it marks the start of the hot, dry season during which fires occur.
     Fire Prevention Month is an annual nationwide observance held every March in the Philippines during which fire prevention activities are administered by the Bureau of Fire Protection, local government units, fire fighting agencies, schools and other institutions.
     The PNCC Corporate Safety, Health and Environment Commitee (CSHEC) is instructed to conduct thorough inspection of the entire company premises to determine possible hazards.  Emergency orientation and drill are provided to Fire /
         Earthquake Emergency Brigade and to all employees as well.  The CSHEC ensures that fire extinguishers installed at the offices are all operational.    
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Greening Program
     For the previous years, the Company has conducted Planting Activity in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
     In 2016, headed by its Chairman Elpidio C. Jamora, Jr. conducted a tree planting activity within the municipality of Norzagaray , Bulacan located in Sitio Suha, San Mateo on November 9, 2016 in response to the environment responsibility program and in support with the DENR vision in creating a nation's sustaining its natural resources a clean and green and healthy environment
     In 2018, the company in support to the implementation of DENR's National Greening Program , organized a Mangrove Planting activity in partnership with DENR-CENRO-Calaca and Bantay Bucal Kalikasan, People's Organization of Barangay Bukal, Calatagan, Batangas.
     The activity was participated by 38 PNCC employees, together with 9 DENR employees and 15 Peoples organization members. The group planted 500 Mangrove seedlings at Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park.
         The Company has sponsored projects of local government units, charitable institutions and civic organizations: