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Welcome to the PNCC Website!

The Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC) has a distinguished history of achievement in the field of infrastructure and tollways management.  By November 22, 2016, PNCC shall have reached the end of its fifty years of corporate life, and prayerfully we expect the ushering in of another fifty years of partnership with the government in what it does best for Philippine social and economic progress.

This site will take you through these years of great undertaking.  It will also enlighten you on how we have fared in recent years, inspite of our momentary withdrawal from the field of infrastructure, and relegating ourselves to a silent partner in the relevant tollway systems.  The site will give you information about the range of initiatives we have undertaken to put to order the governance of the Corporation, in hope that we can once more be active in infrastructure and tollway development.  We shall never stop aiming to contribute to our development as a society and in making a truly great contribution towards Philippine economic stability and growth.

It is my distinct honor to be responsible for this hugely important component of PNCC's life.  If you have any suggestions for how you can partner with us in pursuing this goal, please contact me directly.  Any of te PNCC officers listed thoughout this site will also be delighted to listen to you.  Thank you.

President / CEO