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     PNCC has developed two codes, the "PNCC Codes of Conduct" and the "PNCC Code of Employee Discipline (CCED)". It contains the preambular portion or the "Declaration of Principles", which details out the requirements for the successful implementation of the Codes. It starts with the commitment of the management in providing for just and lawful conditions of employment, and complemented by the principles that should govern employees as they uphold the interests of the company.
     The Code of Conduct lays out the management expectations of ethical conduct or behavior of employees covered thereby. The Code of Employee Discipline, on the other hand, enumerates the violations of the Code of Conduct and the penalties or sanctions for each violation. Management maintains its inherent right to discipline or dismiss employees for any offense or violation contained in the Code.
     The Code on Employee Discipline, moreover, outlined the "General Rules in the Imposition of Penalties," which are to be administered by the Administrative Board, or any supplementary Board provided for therein. The Code also addresses the matter of sexual harassment and illustrated the reach of "relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity and affinity." Division heads were given the authority to discipline employees for obvious offenses, such as absences and tardiness, among others.
     Complementary to the above are the "Safety, Health, and Environment Codes" which detail out the penalties or sanctions for specialized offenses or violations in these areas.
     Meanwhile, the Board of Directors, by adopting the Manual of Corporate Governance 2017 and provisions of GCG's Code of Corporate Governance, the company is committed to observe the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency. The Board of Directors believes that this will significantly enhance PNCC's corporate governance systems and make it an able partner in national development.
       The following are the policies of the Company on Conduct and Ethics:

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Business Conduct and Ethics
      Conflict of Interest
Directors and officers shall at all times avoid any actual or potential conflict of interest with the GOCC.  Each shall also avoid any conduct, or situation , which could reasonably be construed as creating an appearance of a conflict of interest.
All employees shall not directly ot indirectly participate for their personal gain in any business transaction or contact entered into by the company and shall strictly avoid conflict of interest in the performance of their functions.  Conflict of interest is deemed to exists where a PNCC employee has or acquires a financial or other interest of a personal nature in any business enterprise or transaction in which he may be called upon to act (for example, to approve, recommend action, make a study, or make findings of fact) in a manner detrimental to the interest of the company by reason of his personal involvement in such business enterprise or transaction.  (Section IX of CCED)
Any question about a Director's or Officer's actual or potential conflict of interest with the GOCC shall be brought promptly to the attention of the Chairman of the Board, who will review the question and determine an appropriate course of action. (Section 27.1 of Code of Corporate Governance for GOCC (GCG Memo Circular No. 2012-07)
Conduct of Business and Fair Dealings
The fiduciary duty of diligence of Directors and Officers to always act in the best interest of the GOCC, with utmost good faith in all its dealings with the property and monies of the GOCC, includes the obligation to:
All employees shall remain truthful in dealing with their clients , superiors or subordinates at all times.  They must act with justice and sincerity and shall not discriminate anyone.  They shall at all times respect the rights of others, and shall refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety and public interest. (Section I-B of CCED)
  • Exercise extraordinary diligence, skill and utmost good faith in the conduct of the business and in dealing with the properties of GOCC, using the person with due regard to all the circumstances;
  • Apply sound business principles to ensure the financial soundness of the GOCC; and
  • Elect and/or employ only Officers who are fit and proper to hold such office with due regard to the qualifications, competence, experience and integrity. (Section 26 of Code of Corporate Governance for GOCC (GCG Memo Circular No. 2012-07)
 Receipt of gifts from third parties
No Gift Policy.  A Director or Officer shall not solicit, nor accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value ("Gift") from any person where such Gift: 
  The Company prohibits all Employees of the following:
  • Soliciting or receiving money, gift or anything of value, from any person, personally or through the mediation of another, to perform an act prejudicial to the Company or as a condition for the performance of one's duty.
  • Bribing, or offering money, gift or anything of value to any employee, personally of through mediation of another, to seek or qualify for preference, benefit or favorable condition of employment.
  • Extorting/accepting bribes in cash or in kind from clients for personal gain. (Section I-A 4-5 of CCED)
  • would be illegal or in violation of law;
  • is part of an attempt or agreement to do anything in return;
  • has a value beyond what is normal and customary in the GOCC's business;
  • is being made to influence the matter of Board's, or Officer's actions as such, or
  • could create the appearance of a conflict of interest. (Section 26 of Code of Corporate Governance for GOCC (GCG Memo Circular No. 2012-07)
Compliance with Laws & Regulations
Respect for and Obedience to the Constitution and the law. - As Public Officials, a Director or Officer shall respect and obey the Constitution, and shall comply, and cause the GOCC to faithfully and timely comply, with all legal provisions, rules and regulations, and corporate governance standards, applicable to them and to the GOCC in which they serve, and to act within the bounds of their charter, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. (Section 25 of Code of Corporate Governance for GOCC (GCG Memo Circular No. 2012-07)