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Corporate Governance > Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
   PNCC has developed two codes, the "PNCC Codes of Conduct" and the "PNCC Code of Employee Discipline (CCED)". It contains the preambular portion or the "Declaration of Principles", which details out the requirements for the successful implementation of the Codes. It starts with the commitment of the management in providing for just and lawful conditions of employment, and complemented by the principles that should govern employees as they uphold the interests of the company.

The Code of Conduct lays out the management expectations of ethical conduct or behavior of employees covered thereby. The Code of Employee Discipline, on the other hand, enumerates the violations of the Code of Conduct and the penalties or sanctions for each violation. Management maintains its inherent right to discipline or dismiss employees for any offense or violation contained in the Code.
The Code on Employee Discipline, moreover, outlined the "General Rules in the Imposition of Penalties," which are to be administered by the Administrative Board, or any supplementary Board provided for therein. The Code also addresses the matter of sexual harassment and illustrated the reach of "relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity and affinity." Division heads were given the authority to discipline employees for obvious offenses, such as absences and tardiness, among others.

Complementary to the above are the "Safety, Health, and Environment Codes" which detail out the penalties or sanctions for specialized offenses or violations in these areas.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors, by adopting the Manual of Corporate Governance 2017 and provisions of GCG's Code of Corporate Governance, the company is committed to observe the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency. The Board of Directors believes that this will significantly enhance PNCC's corporate governance systems and make it an able partner in national development.
  The following are the policies of the Company on Conduct and Ethics:  
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Conflict Resolution
The current system is to discuss/evaluate issues at the Board level. Failing resolution within the Board, opinion of OGCC/DOJ will be sought.