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PNCC commits to safeguard the safety and health of its employees, contractors and the general public and to preserve the environment in undertaking its operations and activities.


Recognize the importance of the on-going involvement and commitment of management and other employees in the safety, health and environment and the necessity of ensuring that they have the required skills and support;
Direct to conduct activities in such a way as to avoid harm to the health of, or injury to, employees and others and damage to properties;
Work on the principle that all injuries can be prevented and promote actively among all those associated with their activities the high standard of safety conciousness and discipline that this principle demands;
Use the best endeavors to provide products and services, together with practical counsel on the application, which will not cause injury to health or undue consequences on the environment when applying and in accordance with this advice;

Apply the best practicable way to preserve air, water, soil and plant and animal life from the adverse effects of operations and to minimize any instance that may arise;

Ensure that contractors practice safety, health and environmental compliance in accordance to approved company policies; 
Inform employees, contractors, and concerned authorities of known potential hazards and make them aware of what is being done to minimize risks and to improve the quality and safety of the working environment.
Establish and maintain contigency procedures to reduce impact from accidents that may occur, and work with relevant authorities and emergency agencies in an appropriate manner in the development and application of these contingency procedures;  
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Include an assessment of Safety, Health and Environmental matters before venturing into businesses or activities;  
Cooperate with Government, local authorities, industry, academic and professional bodies as appropriate and take the lead, where necessary, to promote workable and improved codes of practice and timely and pragmatic solutions related to the above matter;  

Conduct or support research directed towards the improvement of safety and health at work towards ensuring the safety of products and services and towards the conservation of the environment.   

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Facilitate the transfer of knowledge to others, freely or on a commercial basis, of know-how or technology which PNCC developed in the fields of safey, health and environment;    
Include expected future requirements and anticipated developments in all the above areas in their long term planning. 

In enforcing this policy, management shall guide and support employees and other associated parties in maintaining SHE consciousness and to impose corresponding penalties for infractions on the provisions of this Code.
To give due recognition to exemplary SHE achievements and accomplishments company-wide or by specific projects, locations, subsidiaries, departments, individuals, etc. Criteria on the selection and awards shall be handles by the SHE Department.

These rules and regulations shall henceforth be known as the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Code.
Every employee and relevant parties are enjoined to study and observe the provisions embodied in this Code, particularly those applicable to his duties, ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.
Every employee shall be given a copy of this Code by the SHE Department. Personnel Services Department shall ensure that new employees are fully oriented of the Code and that respective management render time to clarify questions or anu aspects of the Code that are not fully understood.
Suggestions for change to make this Code more effective are welcome. These should be submitted to the Central Safety, Health and Environment Committee or Division Head concerned.
Every employee or relevant third party should keep and make available for ready use his or her copy of the Code. When lost or damaged, he or she should report same to the SHE Department through his superior. In the event that an employee resigns or is terminated from service, his copy of the Code should form part of accountable documents that should be returned to the Company. Failure to do so this or pay for the cost thereof shall constitute grounds for non-clearance.

For purposes of this Code, violations of SHE reiles are classified into the following categories:
Offense "A"                Offense "C"
Offense "B"                Offense "D"


 Schedule of penalty or penalties for SHE violations are as follows:

The letter A, B, C, D is affixed to each rule to indicate the category of the offense for applying the appropriate penalty. Where a rule number covers two or more sub-rule and only a single letter is started at the end of the entire rule. It is understood that the same type of penalty shall be meted out of each sub-rule.
The penalties for succeeding violations are progressively more severe that the sanction for a first violation. However, this cumulative rule applies only when the violation occurs within a twelve month period counted from the date of the first offense. Any future violation after this peiod shall be considered as a first offense.
If at time of the commission of the last offense, the employee have already committed at least two other violations of SHE rule or rules other than that mentioned in this last offense, the next higher degree of penalty prescribed therof shall be applied.
Where the fourth violation of the same rule is punishable by a penalty less than dismissal, the fifth and subsequent violations, if committed within a twelve-month period, the same penalty as that provided for in the fourth violations shall be meted out.
All penalties to be imposed, including reprimands shall be in writing and shall include a warning (except in cases of dismissal) that subsequent violations will entail more graver penalties. The SHE Department and Human Resource Management Division shall be furnished copies of reprimands, warnings and other disciplinary actions.
The penalties provided for in this Code shall be imposed by Project, Division or Department Heads after conducting the required investigation without need of prior review by the Human Resources Management Division provided, however, where the offense is punishable by dismissal, it shall be elevated to the Human Resource Management Division and/or Corporate Legal. It should be understood that only management can dismiss an employee.
Management reserves the right to impose graver penalties that that provided for in this Code, particularly when the infringement resulted in injury to persons or damage to property or both. In addition, Management may require the offender to indemnify the injured person of the company and of other third parties for such damage.
All levels of management are charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of this Code. They shall see to it that employees under their direct supervision observe SHE rules at all times. (A)
Whenever safety precautions are required in the performance of a particular job, the supervisor or employee shall undertake said necessary precautions before commencement of work. The qualification and competence of the personnel assigned to perform a dighly technical or skilled job should always be considered. (A)
The orientation for new emplloyees should contain a briefing on the SHE Code. It will be the supervisor's duty to explain to his subordinates the meaning and intent of any part of the Code. In case, of doubt, he shall refer it to his Department Manager who shall consult the SHE Department for interpretation.
It shall be the duty of all levels of Line management (tollway, project, plant, equipment) to educate, train, conduct meetings like Safety, Health and Environment Committee Meeting, tollbox and gangs meeting and other meetings related to afety, Health and Environment and indicate the SHE skills and knowledge to all staff that are essential in the performance of their jobs; and, to periodically evaluate their compliance and competence as a basis for re-training, re-assignment to termination as the case maybe. (B)